Latest Hp LTO 6 Ultrium Tape The Breakthrough Attributes And Enhanced Copy Functionality Of Format

HP LTO 6-5Copy storage and data protection challenges are becoming intensified in the last decade. The rapid increase in information retention regulations, need for quick entry to the mission- hurry to business essential data, and greater danger of information loss have driven all kinds of businesses to incorporate a dependable back-up system that was on-going to their data centers. IT managers can address these entire (Linear cassette open) format that delivers economic and efficient disaster-recovery options to a number of organizations. The five generations of LTO ultrium technology supply a good alternative for every single little to big business.

The open standard of LTO format has resulted in multiple providers of LTO goods, hence providing a broader variety of low priced, exceptional quality and robust LTO devices to customers. HP Hewlett-Packard’s back-up devices are manufactured by it to the best amount of durability, while ensuring compliance with all the business standards & specifications.

New complex characteristics are brought in by HP LTO6, while providing previous LTO ultrium cassette versions’ intelligent technologies. Capacity of LTO ultrium6 extends to 3 terabytes with compressed data, as well as in native style it may adapt 15 TB data. HP LTO6 ultrium cartridge’s capacity is 88% higher; consequently you may need tapes that are considerably lesser as compared to the LTO4 media cassette on your back needs.

LTO ultrium technology supplies an open stage, where LTO cassettes may be used with all other LTO hardware that is compliant to you. That means the customers will not need to buy the same brand to control the LTO ultrium tape. That’s the reason the LTO ultrium technology has created itself as the best economic option for today’s budget-constrained and demanding organizations.

LTO6 media technology was specified to support preceding two generations’ tape cartridges. Write and read operations may be executed on LTO4 cassettes, whereas data that was recorded could be reliably extracted from LTO ultrium3 media cassettes too. As a consequence, a smooth trail is offered to the LTO3 and LTO4 customers. Therefore the organizations can update their LTO system and address the ever- growing back-up demands.

The data throughput speed was raised from 120 Mbps to 140 Mbps (native), hence making LTO ultrium6 the perfect cassette media alternative for media-rich programs, medium sized organizations, management information systems, high end workstations, mission critical IT environments and business type programs. As well as the rapid increase in data throughput speed and recording capability, new breakthrough media partitioning system was introduced to aid raise the copy operation and ease data storage/retrieval jobs. This intelligent attribute helps cut on the operational costs, conserve more time, while enhancing the data management. HP LTO ultrium6 alternative also gives the LTO4 media that is preceding WORM technology and generation’s encryption. This strong mixture of data protection technologies that are robust ensures fulfillment of data legislations that are strict, malicious information corruption and while shielding against unauthorized data access, accidental overwrites.

HP LTO ultrium6 technology provides IT managers’ greater flexibility in executing an extremely dependable and effective back-up system for the information -rich organizations.

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